Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Go, Natalie, Go!

So, a friend (eh, acquaintance?) of mine from high school, with whom I had lost touch, showed up on my TV screen a few weeks ago. And now, I can't stop watching the brain-numbing Legally Blonde reality show. I do enjoy watching the singing/dancing bits, and the acting isn't too bad, but the whole reality-dramaness of it all is a bit much. Thank goodness for TiVo, eh?

It cracks me up because whenever she is on one of those confessional things ("omigod, there is just so much drama in the house. I really think I am the most talented one here, and I really just want to win this thing" etc), she always sounds like she's being forced to do it. Either the other girls (except for that Autumn girl, she's ok) are WAY better actors when it comes to playing up the behind-the-scenes reality tv drama stuff, or they all are actually buying into it (or are really like that? eek!) and she's just trying to say what they producers want without looking dumb.

Anyway, last night (which was really Monday night's episode), she was named as the Standout Performer for her awesome booty-shaking skills...which means she's now in the top 5. Way to go, Natalie!

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