Thursday, August 28, 2008


My wonderful friend Adrienne is spending the year in Lyon, France, studying literature and soaking up the culture (granted, she spent her childhood in France...doesn't that sound so posh?). Oh, and did I mention she and her fiance are getting married while she's there?

Like any modern woman, she is also blogging and posting pictures online (all photos in this entry are hers), which of course serves not only to document her trip, but to make us all jealous. I loved the 3 or so days I spent in Paris...even though that was over three years ago, I still think about it and remember how much I just loved it. The beautiful buildings and lovely cafes...the cobblestoney streets and just listening to the French speak...I just remember feeling like everything around me was beautiful.

I was only in Paris, and some day I want to go back to France and spend some time in the South, but I just have such lovely memories of it all. I remember stepping off the train and seeing my first whitewashed building with wrought iron window boxes filled with red flowers and just falling in love.

I'm not saying I'd want to live there...that would just be crazy - I've only spent a few days in one city, I don't speak the language well, and, well...I'm not moving to France. But I absolutely want to go back to visit. Perhaps I will save up my money, the dollar will stop being so weak, and I will be able to afford it next year. Perhaps not. Either way, a girl can dream.

And until then, I'll just keep living vicariously through Adrienne...

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