Friday, August 29, 2008

Emergency Supply Kit

No, I'm not talking about emergency supplies for a *real* emergency, like an earthquake or flood or something, though everyone should have something like this.

What I'm talking about, though, is something completely different. Something much more dorky, and something I will absolutely have once I have kids. I'm well on my way there now, although I really have no good reason to. Ladies and gentlemen, I am referring to an Emergency School Supplies Kit. Paper, pens, glue...all the things necessary to make sure last-minute school projects will be almost as awesome as projects we knew about weeks in advance. Plus, you always have supplies on hand if you want to just do an art project! Genius! My parents' house always had craft supplies, and I think it's just a good idea.

I currently have a wide array of pens and markers, a ream of printer paper (aka: paper for making birthday cards), a small paint set, and all the gift-wrapping supplies you could ask for (yes, I have a plastic container filled with various bows). I even have spare 2-pocket folders and 3-ring binders...all remnants of my over-preparedness in college I suppose. Oh, and (just like my mom) I have a place in my linen closet known as "the gift shelf" where I keep spare things such as soaps, lotions and picture frames that could be used for last-minute "oh crap, I forgot that co-worker's birthday" or "I just need one more little thing to throw in with this gift" type presents. Secret's out folks...the gift shelf is a thing to behold.

Anyway, I am not at all ashamed of my mom-like collection. I like being prepared, and this stuff comes in handy all the time. It's great, and I highly recommend it if you have the space and the desire to be a total nerd.


  1. never got to tell you the cookies were awesome and energy sustaining :-)

    And since you love editing so much, I have another personal statement up on the xanga for you to peruse in all that free time :-P


  2. "Hey, the scout motto is 'be prepared.'
    "That's the boy scout motto."
    "Well then the girl scout motto should be 'be extra prepared, because chances are the boy scout is an irresponsible jerk."

    -5 Women Wearing the Same Dress