Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Plans for Tonight

I have just been going crazy lately, what with volunteering for Obama, lots going on at work, and still adjusting to being back from vacation. Oh, and there's an economic crisis that, while I don't *totally* notice in my personal life (except cheaper gas! yay!), still holds an impressive weight over my head.

So tonight, I am taking it easy. I know it's silly and indulgent to post a list here of what I want to do tonight, but it will make me feel better to put it out there on the internet and will perhaps further motivate me to actually do it.

The Plans:
  • Go to Walgreens to purchase some candy for Trick-or-Treaters and sour cream for onion dip. Maybe chips too.
  • Light delicious pumpkin spice candles and make my apartment feel all warm and cozy.
  • Carve pumpkins. Perhaps I will make a "campaign-o-lantern" out of one of them.
  • Watch Obama's mysterious and magical 30 minute address at 8pm.
  • Watch Obama on Jon Stewart at 11pm.
  • Collapse into bed as soon as that is over.

And that. Is. All.

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