Wednesday, October 29, 2008

um, duh...

So, I forgot to mention one VERY CRUCIAL thing that I am doing tonight - besides carving political pumpkins - FILLING OUT MY ABSENTEE BALLOT!

I am going to sit down with the large and in charge voter information pamphlet and my sample ballot and mark it all up! Only when I have filled out my sample ballot and am 100% certain I won't mess up will I put a pen to the real thing. Messing up is costly, as I found out during the primaries...not that it makes a huge difference here in CA, but it takes a LONG time to get a new absentee ballot if you mess up on the first one.

And I'm not gonna risk it!

Mail your absentee ballots by Saturday to make sure they get in by EOD Tuesday! And go out there and Get Out The Vote!

Not sure where your polling place is?

Only 5 days left!!!

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