Thursday, November 20, 2008

Plant Update!

Another weekly update about my little plant. The little nubbin that was growing when I last emailed is now quite a sprout! It's cute, I think. And when I wrote last week, that tall plant sticking up was just a little guy itself! Very exciting. I like how the plant just keeps on growing, especially when I see little buds appear and then turn into...actual plant-looking leaf-branch-things. Boy, am I articulate this evening or what?

Also, as promised, here is the "full body" shot of the plant. You can see it is now quite large, compared to what it looked like in July (see pictures in this blog post for both the plant in July, and the plant over the last 2 weeks). It's grown so much just over the last few can imagine how tiny it was when I bought it, which I think was in January?

Pretty soon, I'm going to have to re-plant it into a larger pot!


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