Thursday, November 20, 2008

Ugly Betty: Cardigan Sweater!

I just watched an episode of Ugly Betty, a show I sometimes watch bits and pieces of while waiting for my regular Thursday night shows to start. I like America Ferrera, and I like the tongue-in-cheek soap opera-ness of the show (which is based on a Colombian telenovela). And I like Betty's ridiculous outfits sometimes.

Tonight, at the end of the episode, she was wearing an awesome cardigan. It was brownish/olive greenish with roses on it. One of those sweaters that's kind of ugly paired with a ridiculous outfit, but I think would be totally awesome with jeans and ballet flats and a neutral t-shirt. Aka: I'm really into cardigans with jeans, ballet flats and t-shirts, and I really want it.

I tried to find it online, or at least take a screenshot while watching it online, but the full episode from tonight isn't up yet. Boo. If I can find it, I'll post it. And if you know what I'm talking about or where to find it, let me know.


PS - Has Mark been getting more and more sensitive over the last season or something? In this episode, he was totally humanized - he had a whole backstory revealed about how he has worked so hard to be here, studied in Milan, etc. What's that about? Oh well. I don't really care. Or do I? No.

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