Wednesday, November 26, 2008

It's Almost Turkey Time...

I'm about to head home to LA LA Land for a few days to eat delicious food and plant myself on the couch. Thanksgiving is one of those holidays that is wonderful because the main purpose is to eat and sit around. Glorious. Ok, you're also supposed to give thanks (which I will be doing don't you worry). Trust me, lately I've been thinking that even though there has been a lot of emotional, stressful, life crap piling up this year, I have it pretty good. There are many, many things I have to be thankful for, and I'll probably write a nice little list and post it up here this weekend. But the thing I love about this holiday is the coziness of just curling up on the couch, watching movies (my parents just bought WALL*E and I cannot wait to watch it again!) and eating comfort food (including my aunt's cranberry pear crumble, which I end up making three or four times at least this time of year), and visiting with family.

I'm getting ready to leave for the airport, and I did something totally uncharacteristic: I emptied my dish drainer and did ALL of the dishes that were in my sink (both sides of the sink were, um, totally full). I pushed away my lazy instincts and just did it. And now I feel good. Even though there are roughly four loads of laundry to do when I get back, my sink is empty and my dishes are clean. And now I feel ok about leaving my little apartment for four whole days. :-)

not my kitchen sink, but it's pretty

also not my sink, but I saw this and had to post it for you, Emily. Like?

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