Friday, December 12, 2008

New Job For The New Year

So, exciting news around the Kitchen Sink these days. I've withheld posting about it so far, just because, well, I don't know I guess. Since I've emailed the friends and family, and mentioned it briefly on Facebook, I guess it's about time to blog, right?

I will be leaving the Great Google as of Wednesday next week. Starting January 5th, I'll be working for Pixar...and I'm pretty damn excited. :-) Google is a great place to work and all, but I've really been missing the arts. It'll be really nice to be back working in a field I'm passionate about, and I'll be getting back about two hours a day, since my commute will now be 7-10 minutes each way (instead of 75+ minutes each way). Granted, my actual working hours will be longer (it's a 50 hour week instead of my current 43-ish hour week), but to be doing work I'll actually enjoy? And to be less than 10 minutes from home when I'm done? Awesome! (this paragraph had a lot of parentheses. sorry.)

I'll be working as a Production Coordinator, and while I'll be doing a little admin work (booking a little travel, making sure my manager gets to her meetings), I'll get to be involved in the production side of things (pinning storyboards, setting up meeting rooms). Nothing terribly glamorous, but that's the industry for ya. You have to start somewhere so you can slowly work your way up (in any business, but especially in theatre/film), and I'm really excited to be at the not-totally-bottom (hey, I'm not a PA) of the ladder. And the projects my team will be working on are things I'm totally stoked about - where I had trouble connecting with the projects my engineers at Google have been working on, I think that here, I'll be able to connect to the work much better. (this paragraph had a lot of parentheses too. sorry.)

So yeah, I have three more days left at Google, and I feel pretty ridiculous and very, very lucky. In this economic climate, with news of layoffs by the thousands from companies all over the country, I feel a little guilty and incredibly blessed to be able to choose to quit my job at one fantastic company because I have been offered a job at another fantastic company. Granted, I work hard, and I plan hard. Even if it's only hypothetical, I think about the future. So it's not like this fell into my lap or anything, but still. I feel just freaking lucky to be going to a new and awesome job right now, that's all.

So that's my news for now...time to get ready for the my Google team holiday party! One last hurrah! :-)

More to come...

PS - putting in your two weeks' notice is kind of scary in the Real World.


  1. i'm so excited for you!! good luck starting your awesome new job!

  2. Congratulations!!! I am so excited for you. I know how long you've been looking for jobs there and it is so great that something worked out. You deserve it! I can't wait to hear all about it over cocktails and cupcakes when i get back!

  3. That's awesome news!! Congratulations!