Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Too Many Shoes!

I came home from work today to find this mess in my closet:
Note the bent bottom part just above the UGG boots. That, and the side parallel to it, was just totally bowed out. Not sure how to proceed, and not wanting to just put all the shoes back on (since the weight of the top levels would just make the bottom levels bow out again and it would just fall over again), I devised a little system to temporarily hold it all in place.

The temporary system involves a belt and a curtain rod. And that's about it. Hopefully it lasts for a few days...or more...but I'm thinking I'll have to get a new shoe rack at some point. Hey, this one lasted over a year, and it was just a cheap one (like $30) from Bed, Bath and Beyond.

The shoe rack, picture taken in the mirror. Yes, I have a lot of shoes. Note how it is standing upright, except you can still kinda see the 3rd level from the bottom bowing out again. Bowing in? Whatever, it's still kinda bent.

The view from the side. Same view-ish from the first picture, but it looks a lot neater.

Anyway...do any of you out there have any advice for longer-term shoe storage? Any shoe racks you particularly love? This is the space I have. This is the amount of shoes I have. I have gotten rid of 4 pairs already, and I'm not totally sure how many more I'll get rid of at this point..maybe one or two more, but it's still up in the air. That is, I'm still not sure if I can do it. :-)


  1. tragedy strikes!

    An aluminum framed one would be far more durable. I'm sure you know this, but its always a good idea to put the lightest shoes on top and work your way down--even if that means putting tall boots on their side. That kind of molded plastic is only able to take about 20lbs of weight--its silly really to build a shoe rack of of it. congratulations on having it hold up as long as it did.

    in re: references, i was thinking of asking Lisa, but while she's incredibly creative and smart I don't know how she'd swing the concept that I painted one show with her when my hand was injured so she knows I'm a good writer. I mean, she could vouch that I'm a dedicated worker and have an eye for detail and yadda yadda, but what it really boils down to is professionally I've never even needed to know how to spell.

    Y'know who does know I can spell? Captain Kate. She used to shout on deck for me to spell words while she filled out her log.

    yeah...not helpful. I'm reluctant to try and get my profs from england to vouch for me--while there was one i was very fond of, i'm sure he doesn't remember me. I don't remember his name. I'm a bit flummoxed. I've got one PM/SM teacher from school who may have required me to write something at some point...hm. i don't remember what. oy.

  2. Well, like I was saying...she reads your blog, right? You're a well-spoken writer there. Perhaps she could write about how you're hard-working and eye for detail and yada yada but also mention that you are very good at expressing yourself through writing...? I know it's a bit of a stretch, but hey, you never know? And you can write your essay about how you've never worked in the field but it's always been your secret passion or something.

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