Thursday, January 8, 2009

Happy Things

I haven't written in almost a week, what with the new job and crashing on the couch at 9pm and all, but I'm writing now and I'm in a good mood, so here's a list of a few things that are making me happy.
  1. I am going to bake more bread this weekend (I hope). I am kinda really into baking bread. I might even get to bake bread at Erin's house while doing laundry and (sigh) learning the majesty that is (supposedly) Friday Night Lights.
  2. I have almost completed one week at the new job. It's pretty awesome. Getting used to a new job is always a tiny bit overwhelming, but I really really like it here so far. It's been kind of slow workload-wise because I'm still getting settled, but it will ramp up pretty soon and I expect to be quite a busy bee. Everyone is really nice, and I'm excited about the project I'm on (CarsToons, for those of you who haven't been reading lately). All in all, I'm feeling good about it!
  3. I went to the gym after work (at work). Elliptical for 30 minutes, and a little crunching/stretching after. Not revolutionary, but better than sitting on my butt on the couch. I mean, that's what I'm doing now, but at least I got 30 minutes in. The gym is smaller than the Google gym, and there are no TV's, but I read Martha Stewart Weddings (by accident, I thought it was Martha Stewart Living - though that doesn't change the fact that I got a little choked up reading about people's weddings), and the locker rooms are really nice. And there's a dry sauna. Which I didn't use. But cool that it's there, no?
  4. Rachel is coming to visit me! Ok, she's coming on her book tour, but she's going to stay with me for (I think) 5 whole days! Woo hoo!!! She is awesome, and it has been too long.
  5. On 30 Rock tonight, Kenneth performed the end of the "Top That" rap from Teen Witch (one of my all time favorite movies if you haven't seen it go see it now right now especially if you are a girl but even if you're not omg the cornfields and the saxophone and the cheerleaders and the shoulder pads). Thank you, NBC. Thank you, Tina Fey. Thank. You.


  1. we are going to change that "sigh" and "supposedly" right around! i hope. :)

  2. 1. FNL: Yeah, I wondered what could be so good about a show centered on a small Texas school football team. And then I watched it. One of my top shows, those kids break my heart.

    2. Kenneth, oh how I adore thee.

    3. Well done on the workout--do some for me, okay?