Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Homebody Kim

As I mentioned before, I'm undergoing a bit of a home redesign (reorg?). I keep wanting to call it a remodel, but I'm not demolishing anything, and I think somehow in order to be a remodel you have to knock down walls or something. I am, however, rearranging furniture, bringing new stuff in, moving things around, *hopefully* getting rid of clutter, and sort of reinventing my little happy home. Now if I could just get someone to help me get my butt in gear on the "getting rid of things" process...

You can see my place in many various stages here (back when I still used Flickr as my main online photo storage place - these pictures only go up through Nov. 2007 so they're a bit outdated) and here, and I've included a few choice selections to illustrate the transformations my place has undergone below. This weekend, I hope to post a lovely photo-laden blog with pictures of the new kitchen cart thing and the washer/dryer! I've created a new label ("homebody") where I'll start putting things relating to the home and my dorkiness therein.

Taken pretty soon after I moved in. It looks so empty in retrospect!

With the addition of a couch and a new behind-the-couch shelf situation.

The current incarnation of behind-the-couch situation. Apologies for the recycling of pictures from previous posts.

The bedroom, before it had any style.

You can get a feel for the bedroom changes here (headboard, wall art...oooh)

I included this one just for ambiance-sake. I love the feeling it gives me.

The floorplan I made for that Apartment Therapy contest. I didn't really enjoy the contest, but I liked making the floorplan.