Friday, May 22, 2009

Because I am a Girl

There is thing about being a girl where you think about weddings. My friend Sara (aka Miss Jane) thinks there is something that happens when a girl hits 25, where you automatically just lose your mind. She might be right. Though I have to admit, I have been thinking about weddings for a while. As far as I can remember, I wasn't the little girl dressing up in wedding dress-up clothes and dreaming of the big day. I think I had a dress-up wedding gown of sorts, but I wasn't one of those girls you see in movies and such who "has always dreamed of what her wedding would be like" and all that. But probably since about college or so, I have had ideas. I know I want a simple wedding, outdoors, small and fun and casual.

Don't take this as a sign that I'm ready to actually get married. I'm not even ready to move in with The Boy, much less take that leap into marriage. I am happily content having my own apartment, a place to call my own that I don't have to share with anyone. I love having my own space and I see no need to rush into moving to that next step.

HOWEVER, I am a girl. And I can't help thinking about weddings, especially since it's "wedding season," and one of my closest friends just got engaged. It was no surprise - she and her fiance bought a house together a few months ago, and we all knew it was bound to happen at some point soon. We'd all been waiting, and it's fun that it's officially official. Anyway, my brain has reverted back into wedding-mode. I got out of it after Katie and Randy's wedding last year, but here we go again!

Sara posted this lovely picture on her blog, which didn't help with my wedding-on-the-brain situation. I think I might be in love with this dress. Click the picture to enlarge; it's worth it.
Practically speaking, I love it because it has straps wide enough to hide a bra strap. The neckline is low-cut enough to avoid the awkward large-chest-uniboob-disaster that high-necked dresses and shirts present. It's not so low-cut as to become a cleavage fest. The back is gorgeous. It's elegant, drapey, and gosh I love it. I will not be one of those crazy girls who buys a wedding dress before she is even engaged, but I will lust after this one a bit. Sigh... It's from the J. Crew Fall 2009 line, in case you were wondering. And if Sara hadn't linked to it on her blog, I wouldn't have gone looking for it or anything, so, um, I'm not crazy?

Crazy or not, I dare you to tell me it's not gorgeous.


  1. Oh believe me, we're all crazy. You should subscribe to Brooklyn Bride if you don't already. It feeds the latent obsession. :)

  2. Oh Sara, that is just dangerous. Quickly scrolling, I saw lanterns and cupcakes. Mmmmm

  3. I've always heard the crazy comes at 28. I'm 29, and I still don't care about weddings, but I can hardly function when there's a baby in the room...