Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Lofty Goals, Admirable Aspirations?

I have this vision of myself, wherein I bake some sort of homemade baked goodie treat every week, my produce comes from my backyard garden, and all of my meals are food-blog-worthy. Now, I know this is highly unlikely. I know it's just a dream-vision, and probably it's not going to happen. Not anytime soon, anyway. Currently, I attempt one big baking project a month, sometimes two, and while I do plate some nice-looking meals, they're not often creative or new or anything. And let's not even get started on my lack of gardening so far this year.

I've just started reading some food blogs (Smitten Kitchen and Omnomicon in particular) which have made me feel simultaneously inspired and defeated. There are so many wonderful recipes to try! So much delicious food to eat! So many people out there having kitchen adventures of the best kind! So with such a wealth of cooking/baking inspiration out there, why do I so often lean back on my staples rather than leaping into a new recipe? Why do I let laziness get the best of me until I am too pooped from being a couch potato (yes, I am still going to Curves) to bake? I actually have the time right now both to cook and to shop. There are at least 15 recipes on my "to do" list. Not to mention the 8 or so cookbooks that currently live in my apartment. So why am I such a slacker in the kitchen these days?

So I've decided to just make a go of it. I'm just going to do it. I'm just going to do it. I'm just going to do it. Maybe if I say it enough times, it'll happen. Here are some recipes I am particularly looking forward to:
  1. asparagus, goat cheese and lemon pasta (from smitten kitchen)

  2. ranch rugelach (from smitten kitchen)

  3. rainbow cake (from omnomicon)

  4. ice cream cake (from omnomicon)

  5. Chunky Apple Cinnamon Muffins (from Hungry Girl, not online)

So...I've got a bit of cooking and baking ahead of me. I would like to do one new recipe a week. At least. I can do it! And if you're in the Berkeley area and want to come over and make something with me, just let me know!

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  1. Yay! Good choice. I've had only good experiences with Deb's recipes from SK, so they're a great place to start. There is something so rewarding about, when other things are confusing/hard/frustrating, going to the kitchen and watching change happen. Enjoy!