Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I am starting a new tag for posts about houses. I am not looking to buy a house (not really the best idea when you're oh, not making any money). But I do love to look at houses. They're pretty and someday I'll have one. With a yard. And a garden. And a big, big, big kitchen.

I subscribe to Apartment Therapy San Francisco, which often has drool-worthy photos like these:

On occasion, I read Bay Area Home Girl, which is written by a woman I used to babysit for. She writes about houses for sale in the area, which are sometimes overpriced, and sometimes "gasp-omg-what-a-steal!" worthy. I mean, look at the tub in this bathroom! WHAT? And at $750,000, the house is not all that bad price-wise, considering it comes with a garden studio that you could easily rent out for around $900-1000 a month. That is, if you had $800k to spend on a house in the first place.

Anyway, this tag is where I will put photos that fall into the HouseLust category of my brain. Enjoy!

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