Tuesday, May 19, 2009

More Glee

Hold the phones! My good friend Paul Peglar made a little appearance at the end of the episode. Doing what else but playing the piano while the glee club sang Journey ("Don't Stop Believing"). If you know Paul, you know how appropriate this is.

The episode's ending made me want to stick around to watch more, just because these kids are pretty talented, and I'm a sucker for nostalgia. I can't resist high school a cappella and musical theatre, what can I say? Ah, the glory days...just kidding. But it was pretty fun to watch. And it was a successful little teaser for the season, which apparently doesn't start until fall. Cruel!

If you missed it and want to check it out at http://www.fox.com/glee :-)

Also, this movie is advertised on the Glee homepage. Looks totally cheesy, but also like a good movie to see with your fellow unemployed girlfriends, perhaps while drinking.

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