Monday, June 29, 2009

The Boy's Birthday Cake

I made a pretty awesome cake for The Boy's birthday this past weekend, if I do say so myself. It was a 2-layer sheet cake, Boston Cream Pie style. Pretty basic...yellow cake, vanilla pudding, dark chocolate icing, but it tasted SO GOOD!

He requested a camping-themed cake, and then added on that he'd like a Penguins cake (as a joke, I think, but I went with it), and here's what he got!

This was the night before, so just imagine that all those little decorations on stilts are pushed fully down, touching the cake. The 10 candles in the river are for our friend Mark, who was born on the same day, but 10 years earlier. :-)

Sans candles for better decoration-viewing. Note the river and waterfall (and the lake up at the top left), and campsite in the woods. Also, the bear. Ignore the mess behind the cake.

campsite closeup. remember, no stilt-visibility on the big day

Also, the decorative whistle/compass (on the left). Hooray, cheap party supply outlets! I made all the little decorations-on-stilts from stickers and toothpicks.

Closeup of the bear and waterfall in all their glory.

"Oh hi. I'm a racoon. I dragged your cooler across the river, and now I will eat your food!"

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  1. That is fabulous! I decorated a cake once... I should do it again. Looks like fun!