Monday, June 29, 2009

Who Does That?!?

On this episode of "Who Does That?!?" ...

Someone stole my car registration sticker. WTF. Who does that?!? I don't know how long it's been gone, but I noticed it last night. I feel a little violated knowing someone came up to my little car and took a razor blade to the license plate. Not. Nice. Poor sad little stickers.

I mean, come on! Luckily for me, my registration is due this week, so the person just stole my soon-to-be-expired sticker, and I don't have to deal with getting a replacement. I was going to be getting a new sticker this week anyway. Fine. Whatever. No big deal. BUT, I still feel violated.

They must have been pretty good though, to make such a mess of things and still come away with an intact, usable sticker. They carved through 4 years of car registration stickers to get it off...I guess I'll have to scrape it clean and wipe it with alcohol to make sure the new sticker stays stuck! I've heard that scoring it with a razor blade is a good way to prevent thievery. Anyone out there have experience with this?

closeup of the damage. so sad. kinda pretty?


  1. the trouble with scoring it with a razor blade is people get nasty when they can't steal your property. you ever seen a bike with bent wheels? yeah, after thieves get tired of fighting with locks, they get mad and decide "Well if i can't have it, nobody can--especially not the rightful owner." and they destroy it. If you score the sticker, it will foil another potential theft, but it may also land you with slashed tires. People who'd rather steal your registration sticker than pay their goddamn taxes are predators, and predators get very angry when their prey defend themselves.

    My neighbors are getting excited about the 4th and have been blowing off firecrackers for days. I keep assuming with each bang that Bushwick has lost another resident. Loud explosions in a dense urban area are a bad idea.

    I don't think that was cut off with a razor blade. I could have done a cleaner job than that with my teeth.

  2. THAT TOTALLY HAPPENED TO ME ONCE. And I didn't find out about it until I was pulled over for not having current registration on my car. What an f-ing hassle.

    I say, score the sticker. I did it every year after mine was stolen.

  3. Yeah, it's a pretty bad hack job of a sticker removal, isn't it? Oy.

    And Kristen, the firecrackers have been going around here for a few weeks...and I always think it's a gunshot, even though it never is. Sigh.

  4. this has happened to me like four times. razor blade is my solution.