Monday, June 15, 2009

Magic Princess!

Guys, I think I may have found the perfect job. Check out the Craigslist post while it lasts. If it's not up anymore, here are a few choice selections from the job posting.
"AWESOME princess transformative training"

"[The boss] is totally straight up & is a cool creative guru: killer slam poet, songwriter and painter."

"You can relocate from one Kingdom to the other (we have one in LA) and can live/move within your kingdom"
"If this culture feels like a good fit (i.e. you are a burning man type or maybe own some fairy wings of your own) that's what we're looking for. Bring your creativity where it will flourish!"
Oh yes, it looks lovely! I'm more of a 9-5, steady paycheck, desk job kinda girl, but I have a few friends who would probably really love to do something like this. My mom thought it sounded like a good idea...I believe her exact words were "You would get to act!" :-) Thanks mom, but I don't really want to be a princess.

I couldn't help checking out their website,, and I highly suggest you do the same. It's full of sparkles, I'll give 'em that! I wonder though, if some of their characters border on copyright infringement? I don't know what the rules are for this sort of thing, and I'm sure it's fairly standard on the Birthday Princess circuit, but the pictures made me giggle a bit.

She comes with her own Disney-trademarked accessory!

Doesn't look trademarked* but omg guys.
she teaches magic at the famous Wizard school? Which famous Wizard school? Shmogwarts?

Check out the awesome horse! Totally Not Photoshopped!

There's something awkward about this...

*If you "Click for note" (in the previous two images) it takes you here, where you can be assured that your blonde princess will "DEFINATELY" [sic] be as blonde as possible*

And last, but certainly not least...

This "Adventure Girl" looks strikingly similar to a one Dora the Explorer. Please note the accessories, which I believe are named Map, Backpack, and Boots (the monkey). I am not ashamed to know this.

"Oh no! My identity has been stolen!"


  1. Let me just say this:

    Rule 34.


  2. This is hysterical. Thanks for sharing. A previous roommate spent some time working for Disney in Manhattan as Cinderella and they actually have classes to learn "princess gestures" and "princess poses." Crazy! -Shelley

  3. Is this how we're disguising porn these days? Bravo!

  4. It's totally creepy to me. Also, totally copyright-infringing! Not that I care about that sort of thing.