Monday, June 1, 2009

The Mind's Still Working...

Ok, so update on the chores of the day:
  1. Laundry: approximately 5-6 loads.
    - 3 loads done, 2 loads currently being done, 1 load waiting.
  2. Change the sheets on the bed.
    - waiting for The Boy to get home (making a Queen-sized bed is easier with two people).
  3. Do sinkful of dishes.
    - sinkful done! now for the counterfull (not really; there are only a few things)...
  4. Figure out what to do with pile of backpacking/misc stuff.
    - stuff consolidated into one easily-managed pile.
  5. Clear dining room table (includes hanging up about 5 coats/fleeces).
    - coats, fleeces, etc. have nice new homes in the closet. Table is so clean you could eat off it.
  6. Bake muffins (still haven't made the apple-cinnamon ones).
    - Not yet. After doing so many dishes, I'm not in the mood to make a bigger mess. Tomorrow...
  7. Clean out too-old leftovers in the fridge.
    - done! clean! leftovers gone!

All in all, a productive day!

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