Monday, June 1, 2009

Kitchen Conundrum

I am always looking for ways to add storage to my tiny kitchen, and it seems that every time I come up with a solution, I run out of room again. I got the picture to the left from an Apartment Therapy article, which has a few tips that I've already used (store things above cabinets, use drawer organizers) and some I haven't (undershelf brackets...hmmm). Basically I just want to make the most out of the space that I have, and I have a feeling cabinets and wall-space are being underutilized.

Here are my current kitchen conundrums, complete with pictures. I continue to look for kitchen inspiration (see diner-style kitchen to the left), and I welcome any suggestions!

I've thought about getting some sort of rack for above the stove to hang pots and pans, or lids, etc. Something like this guy from IKEA. I'm a little nervous that my weak walls would not be able to hold it up, and I'm also worried that it would make my kitchen seem smaller. It's a tiny space, really, and I'm concerned about bringing the walls any closer in than they are already. It's only about as deep as the stove, and it's just about the width from the fridge to the doorway, so maybe it wouldn't be so bad? Please ignore the dirty stove - I had the motivation to take the picture for this post before the motivation to clean it :-)

Another problem I have is Tupperware* storage. Any tips for that? I have them stacked on a shelf, but there just never seems to be enough room! Right now, they're on a shelf with one of those little IKEA shelf organizer things, but there just isn't enough room. Not pictured: The rest of my Tupperware, which is either being used or drying in the drying rack. Pictured is only about 2/3 of the stuff I have.
*Note: I know that none of this is actually Tupperware-brand plastic storage. It's just easier to say Tupperware (and it looked weird in lowercase).

And the final Kitchen Conundrum for the day is my disorganized spice storage. I have another one of those IKEA shelf storage thingies in here, but it is clearly not being used very well. I definitely need to rearrange things so that I can get to my spices more clearly. It's very haphazard in there right now. Options are: 2-tier turntable thingy, stair-step thingy (only a smaller-sized one that I can't seem to find online), or something I haven't thought of yet.

Thoughts? Suggestions? Let me know! Oh, the things that occupy your mind when you're home all day and not working! :-)


  1. 1. Your bff in this situation is a trustworthy stud-finder. Your walls are only as weak as the 2x4s that hold them up. The trouble is, if your studs are not centered over the stove, or are funny distances apart, your over-stove rack may be off-center or you may have difficulty mounting it. If this is the case, i'd suggest finding a rectangle of sturdy 3/4" plywood (A/B is the prettiest, but if you fill and paint it B/C will be fine. I would not recommend CDX as it is ugly, typically warped, and tends to crumble.) that overshoots the studs on both sides, mount that to the wall, then mount the rack to the plywood. If you've got time, it may even be worth your while to put some pretty moulding around the edges of the ply to make it look intentional.

    2: the only thing I can think of is to do what Alton Brown does with pots and pans--mount beefy magnets to the inside of the cupboard, then sandwich the tupperware between those and some equally beefy removable magnets. An uber-tough magnet set should hold a couple layers of nesting plastic-ware firmly.

    3. Lazy Susan! Whee!

  2. Yes! My dad got me a stud finder AND a laser level for my bday this year - glad I'll get to use them! Thanks for the plywood suggestion. I hadn't thought of that, but it actually makes a lot of sense ;-)

    I've never seen the Alton Brown tupperware magnet thing...I'll have to look into it!