Monday, June 29, 2009

My Little Plantie, an update

Last week, I replanted my little umbrella plant. It was severely outgrowing its little pot. (PS - look at how little and scraggley it used to be!)

I noticed that it hadn't grown a new little sproutey nubbin in weeks, and since it usually grew pretty regularly, I was a little worried. I figured it needed some room to grow, and boy was I right! I bought it a new, very large, pot. I re-planted it on Monday. By Wednesday, it looked like this! That's a fully sprouting branchey, plus a soon-to-bloom-nubbin, and a new little baby nubbin!

Don't you love my terminology? It is highly technical and precise. Much like my gardening philosophy. Plant. Add water. Give some sun. If it looks dry, give it water. Put in bigger pot if it stops growing. Gardening is easy peasy, right?

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  1. I managed to kill one of the plants in this house within hours of my arrival. I'm not sure how exactly, but it went from "green and perky" to "brittle and crumbling" in under a day. and i watered it! i thought about repotting another one that's not quite dead, but it's not my plant and i really just can't be arsed to try and find a pot. its enough for me to keep the fish alive, which didn't seem likely the first day (i came in and he was floating belly-up, but he's chilled out and is actually pretty energetic and perky in his tiny orb of a home.) congratulations, plant.