Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Salty Spoon

I have just discovered a new food blog, The Salty Spoon. It was love at first read, and here are some reasons why:
  1. Kermit Might Need to Revise His Criteria - Shockingly Green Cream of Spinach Soup
  2. Fast As You Can - Easy Artichoke Pesto
  3. Thank You Sir, May I Have Another? - Deep Dark Chocolate Cookies
  4. A Brave New World - Artisan Bread for Beginners
  5. It's a relatively new blog, started on March 29, 2009. There's something neat about reading a blog right from the get-go. Especially a food blog. There's less pressure to "catch up" and read/make every one of the 135238957528 recipes already posted, and it seems kind of fun to start reading when someone starts blogging!
  6. She includes a "rundown" section at the beginning of her recipes. Genius, I tell you! The first thing I do when I read a new recipe is scan it to see if it involves anything crazy-complicated or something that will require me to psych myself up. She does the legwork for me here, precluding the recipe with its basic steps in a brief (bullet-pointed!) list. Brilliant.
  7. In her first post (appropriately titled "Welcome") she says (and I quote):
    "As soon as I leave my office, I start counting down to the moment when I can ditch the trousers, ditch the thong, and relax into regular underwear and smooshy pants. You know what I mean - knit, elastic waist business that may or may not be sweat pants (currently a lovely drawstring number from Old Navy, $8.99 on sale - yesssss). As far as I’m concerned, stopping for food on the way home is a) expensive and b) prolongs the time between office-leaving and smooshy pants-donning."

So I officially love her. Bria, if you are reading this quasi-creepy love letter to you/your newish blog, hi.

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  1. Aw, are too sweet. I'm *so* glad you like the site. I can't tell you how totally thrilled I was to see your love letter. And I'm so happy to have you as a reader. Stay tuned - several new posts coming soon (been a c-r-a-z-y few weeks at work = little time for posting; arg). Let me know how your bread turns out. Enjoy!