Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Retro-ish kitchen

Apartment Therapy hints at a Fourth of July innuendo, but I don't see that at all. Ok, maybe I do. But not enough to make me dislike anything about this kitchen (except the proximity of the dishwasher to the stove, which kind of wastes that corner of counter space).
I love:
  • The wall color
  • The red accent in the back splash
  • The stove (which totally reminds me of my parents' vintage stove)
  • The fact that there is a dishwasher
  • The little blue bowl on the counter (I have one that is very similar)
  • The red KitchenAid mixer (normally would not like the red, but it works)
  • The IKEA lid rack (kind of like mine)
  • The IKEA shelf (just like mine)
  • The fabulously colorful pots and pans
  • The pots/dishes on top of the shelf
  • The radishes (nice touch for a photo)
  • The fact that (I assume) they changed out the knobs on the counters and stove
In general, I prefer yellow as a primary kitchen color, but overall, I love this. It's just very well done, and all the accents are superb. Something about it feels very retro, but still modern, and I think it works nicely.

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