Wednesday, August 19, 2009

My Lunch

I had to eat lunch at my desk today, so to entertain myself, I took pictures of my food. Yeah, I'm That Girl.

Wrap: whole wheat tortilla, egg white salad with chives, mustard, spinach, Beemster cheese

Tomato. It's cute.

Oh hi, string cheese! What are you doing here? I love string cheese.

The Trader Joe's brand of Pirate's Booty.

Not Pictured:
Dark chocolate covered pretzels (a snack, really)
Peach (I ate it too fast to take a picture)

Most boring post ever? Maybe?


  1. Not at all! I laughed out loud and then read it to Nick.

  2. I'm glad you enjoyed it! Tomorrow I may take pictures of my stuffed penguin! He needs a name!

    Oh goodnight. And hello to Nick :)

  3. I find the whole process of making product names into household words interesting, but terrifying. The whole practice is underhanded--sneaking things into your default vocabulary, thereby making them a part of your brain. ooooeeeeeoooo...

    I think the confusing bit about "market" is that in our culture it typically refers to an open-air setting or public square established for vendors--e.g. it implies that you are going to an area where there are many small companies and individuals competing for your patronage. Whereas "grocery store" means just that--one store, one big bank account.

    OMG you would simply Adore the Union Square Green Market--it's monday, wednesday, and saturday, takes up the whole outer perimeter of the square, and the rules to be a vendor are you have to grow or make your own natural products and everything must be grown and made within 100 miles of NYC. so we get a lot of folks from Pennsylvania, some from the Garden State, and a lot from Upstate. Everything is fresh and seasonal and there's a dairy that comes out and sells awesome milk, cheese, and eggnog, and there's all sorts of people selling all sorts of vegetables and jam and chutney and pie and bread and wine and pickled everything and there's so many samples...if you ever move to new york, live off the L so you can shop there with ease.

  4. For anyone who is confused - colormecynical is referring to a comment I made on her post about Kleenex and Walgreens and other brand names being appropriated to mean things like "facial tissue" and "drugstore" :-)

    And Kristen, that Green Market sounds wonderful! I know it's trendy right now, but I just love fresh, seasonal, local....mmmm

    Tricia - are you reading? Do you know about this place?

  5. so...check out how the string cheese KINDA looks like it has a penguin head. I loves it!