Thursday, August 20, 2009

Neighborhood Portrait #2

I like to give myself goals. I think that's pretty obvious, from this situation, but I like to feel a sense of purpose. So when it comes to exercise, I can't just "take a walk" or "go to the gym." This is why I love Curves - there are rules; there is a system. Your goal is to make it around the circuit twice (or three times on a really good day). Somehow that feels more concrete to me than "do the elliptical for 45 minutes." Call me crazy. Maybe my brain is just dysfunctional. That's just how I work. I like the systematic organization of it all.

Where was I? Oh yeah, goals. Purpose. Taking a walk. When I was unemployed, I tried to take walks as a way to get myself out of the house. Exercise AND not being inside on a beautiful spring afternoon? Score! However, I soon realized that without Purpose and Goals, laziness took over and I tell ya, I couldn't think of reasons not to take a walk fast enough. (that was an awkward sentence. Get over it.) Anyway, I like taking walks. A lot. But in order to take a walk alone, I need a reason. Like returning library books! It's walking, enjoying the nice weather, and BONUS: I get books! Everybody wins! Since I am working now, I can't do a midday library-bound stroll, but because it still says light out until around 8 or 9pm, I can go after work.

And a few days ago, that's just what I did. Naturally, I took pictures along the keep myself company? To give myself even more purpose? So here are the pictures. A sequel to my first Neighborhood Portrait. Different part of the neighborhood. Heck, maybe it's a different neighborhood altogether. But I tend to classify anything within a 5-10 mile radius as "in my neighborhood," so whatever.

I am certainly making little to no sense at present, so just enjoy the pictures. Oh, and I'm tagging this with SuperFit because I did this instead of going to Curves one night last week. A 2.5 mile (round trip) walk = exercise! Totally!


  1. This is fun! It's like Google Street View only more artistic. I love GSV. It has changed my life. Srsly!

    P.S. I felt the same way about Curves and their "goals" and "rules" etc (before I quit due to their craptastical hours). 3 cheers for structured workouts!! LOL

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  3. Those little friends are jasmine--pink jasmine, I believe...

  4. Thanks! They smelled delicious - I shall have to find some for myself...