Monday, August 17, 2009

RIP, Crazy Aunt Purl's Garden

I have blogged many times about how lovely Crazy Aunt Purl's garden is. I truly loved this garden, almost as much as if it were my own. Perhaps because of my own lack of gardening this summer, I was living vicariously through her. And her garden was lovely. She blogged about the wonderful things she grew and ate, and I drooled and applauded from afar.

Sadly, her garden has met its the hands of some horribly overzealous gardeners. My heart sank when I read her post about it. I just feel so sorry, and so defeated on her behalf - it was all going so well! Surviving the summer heat of The Valley! Prospering and producing bounties of vegetables! And the corn!

It is a sad day when your hard work is destroyed, and I am really feeling for Laurie right now.


  1. I nearly started crying when I read her post about that! I don't think her gardener's are over-zealous. I think they don't like her (she's had problems with them all along) and I think they wanted to be mean. I think it was intentional. It looked like vandalism to me.

    I, too, was living vicariously through her. I hope she has those guys fired and finds a different gardener.

  2. Oh I feel so sorry for her! I know how she feels. A little life needs all of the special qualities that make you feel good and gardeners are really not gardeners at all. They are not trained and don't care. We have had similar experiences and now we just tell them not to cut anything. I think that they secretly get a thrill out of the power, the control. You know, the little people are control freaks.