Friday, October 2, 2009

What? PCT?

So yeah, in case you hadn't noticed, Will is back from his PCT hike. Duh. He lost about 20 pounds (probably more, since he gained muscle). And we had to drill a new hole in his belt that was about 1.5" past the hole that was too tight on him before he left. Excuse me? How is THAT fair?

Oh right. He walked 650 miles, carrying 40 pounds on his back. That.

So yes. Things are good, and having him back is wonderful.

He's been slowly updating his trail journal, and will be uploading photos soon, I hear. Slowly but surely, the trip will be documented! I know this is kind of an odd post, but I just realized I had never posted an official "The trip is over, and here's what happened" update.

I'll leave the rest of the actual trip updates to him and his journal, but for those of you not checking it religiously, I'll post a link when it's actually complete.


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