Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Back in Action...Sort of

Back from the holiday travels, but still not fully (erm, at all) settled, I haven't had much time for blogging. Catching up on work has been busy, and we haven't even gotten much unpacked since we got home on Sunday night. Laundry has been put in the hamper, but nothing has been unpacked really. While it's certainly not awful, the apartment looks to me like a tornado hit it. I have so many pictures to upload, and some lovely memories to share, but I don't think it's going to happen until this weekend. A brief update on this week, to compensate for not having pictures or updates recently, or much of anything to offer, really. I promise, there will be more content coming soon.

Not much food in the house, thanks to our diligent pre-trip planning (aka: "don't go grocery shopping; eat everything that will go bad"). Just some rotting veggies that we didn't get rid of before we left (aka: "whoops"). At least we remembered to take out the trash/recycling (thanks, Will!). Dinner on Sunday night was Thai food delivery at 10pm (and not even from the good Thai place, since they were closed). Monday night was soup (with the amazing Cougar Gold, my annual Christmas present from Will's brother). Tonight I had leftover soup from Will's lunch today. There's frozen tuna defrosting for tomorrow night, which we'll eat with the brussels sprouts that survived two weeks in the fridge. Scraping the bottom of the barrel, but still eating pretty well.

My plans for tonight were originally to go to the gym and the grocery store. One it was time to leave work, I had changed my plans to taking a hot bath and watching the "I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant" (only the best, most hilarious show ever. pretty much.) marathon my friend Kate told me was on. Unfortunately for me, the marathon is on Discovery Health, a channel I do not get, and my bath was barely lukewarm. Hooray for a tub that is larger than our water heater! Usually it's ok...not great, but at least I can get a warm bath for a bit before it turns cold. Tonight, I got in and instantly realized it was not going to be good. I stayed in for a few minutes (trying unsuccessfully to blow up the inflatable bath pillow thing I bought at Walgreens a few months ago) before I realized how dumb it was to sit in a tub of cold water on a cold night. Also, I noticed some lovely soap scum (highlighted by the water or something) that didn't exactly make me feel like I was getting all clean. Also, what a waste of my last two awesome bath tablets from Product Body. Sigh.

After my unsuccessful bath, I stood in front of our wimpy living room wall heater for a bit getting warm before throwing some laundry in. There's a win...I'll get a couple loads of laundry done tonight. Yay. I ate Will's leftover chicken noodle soup with some more Cougar Gold, and am now watching the special on E! from when Kendra gave birth. Yep. I'm a little embarrassed that I'm tearing up a little, but come on. Television producers know what they're doing. They make these things emotional on purpose.

Anyway, laundry started = win. Pedicure yesterday = win. Getting a 4-day weekend this weekend = win. Tomorrow is my Friday, and I'm just going to get through it before I tackle getting settled back into things. We have been talking lightly about going somewhere (again?! are we nuts?) over the long weekend, but I would kind of like to just stay home, clean up, get settled, do some cooking, upload some photos, and relax before a full work week starts Monday.

Now I'm watching a show about a family where everyone weighs over 300 lbs. That will make me feel less (or more) guilty about not going to the gym! I should have gone, sure, but hey! I don't weigh 300 lbs!

I think that's enough pointless rambling for one night. I hope everyone had wonderful holidays, and I'll be back with a big ole update (with pictures and everything) this weekend!


  1. Funny how "smutty" TV can be so addicting. I got caught on the Kardashian wedding last week. Who cares, right?! But I watched every. single. minute.

    I didn't know I was pregnant is another on of those, though I honestly HAVE a friend who didn't know she was preggo until her water broke. And it was her 2nd kid. And we were high school seniors. And I was in a changing room trying on prom dresses with her 2 weeks before that and didn't notice anything odd about her size 6 body.

    Yeah, life is weird sometimes!

  2. HA! What a night - the whole cold bath thing killed me. But speaking of Product Body, I just used the cocoa soap you sent, and it smells sooo nice. Thanks again!

  3. Wow, Josey. That is intense! Hopefully my "whoops! a baby is coming out of me!" moments will be limited to the television forever! I don't know how a person can not know...but then again, sometimes (like with your friend) you can't tell! The bad thing about this show (besides the "smutty" factor) is that now if I have an upset stomach, I go "what if I'm pregnant? AH! OH NO!" - then I get my period two days later and I'm fine. I wonder what the correlation is between that show being on the air and pregnancy test sales... :-)

    And Shanna - I'm so glad you liked it! She makes pretty amazing stuff.

  4. 1. I totally love 'I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant'! That has absolutely got to be one of the best things on television.

    2. I laughed so hard when you told the story of your sad little bath! You gotta admit how funny that is.

    3. Welcome back and happy new year!


  5. Frosty, the funnies part of the bath situation is that I KNOW there will never be enough water for a truly satisfying hot bath. Yet I still try, hoping for a miracle or something. Sigh.

  6. (Argh, typed it in and lost it.)

    Here's your miracle: boil a pot of water before you run the bath. (Just a regular pot - doesn't need to be huge.) Add some boiled water to tub of warm water to magically get a tub of *hot* water. Add rest of boiled water if needed.

    (It doesn't take much of the boiled water - don't burn yourself.)

  7. Thanks, Jennifer! I've thought of that...I'm going to have to try it sometime soon - I have some awesome new bath products!