Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year!

In my New Year's sort-of tradition, I should be posting something about my resolutions for next year. I can't believe this is the third one I'm doing for this blog - how time flies! I don't usually remember to do a wrap-up post about my resolutions from the previous year, so in the interest of staying on top of things, I'm going to do one now. As usual, my resolutions are fairly broad, but I have so many times in my life that I have to (I mean 'get to,' tee hee I love lists) be specific, I kind of like leaving it sort of open-ended. I'd like to think of these more as general themes for the year.

2009 in Review:
  1. Only buy what I need: I kind of forgot about this one, but due to the lower income at Pixar and the unemployment just 6 weeks later (and the new job with the same income I was getting at Pixar), I was pretty good about frivolous spending anyway. There was the little thing here and there, and I bought myself new clothes when I needed them, but I was better about things like the $80 splurge for no reason at Old Navy online.
  2. Make one recipe from a cookbook every month: I didn't quite do this once a month. We have been cooking a lot, and I have been making an effort to try new recipes. Even though I didn't strictly ensure one cookbook recipe a month, I have been trying things from wonderful food blogs and haven't merely sticking to my old standbys every night. I am definitely thinking more about fresh food and trying (mostly) to be healthy and adventurous with my cooking! My parents got us a gift certificate to a cooking class - that should only inspire us more!
  3. Eat Less, Exercise More: Sigh. I HAVE been exercising more (thanks to joining Curves when I was trying to keep busy during the unemployment), but I have not really been eating less. I'm going to make a concerted effort to do this in the new year though.
  4. Spend time with my girlfriends. This has been fun. Especially when I was unemployed and Will was on his trip, I did a lot of lunches and pedicures and just sitting around chatting. It was fun to reconnect with the lovely ladies in my life and remember just how wonderful it is to have them around.
2010 Goals:
  1. Eat Less, Exercise More: I think this will be on the agenda every year until the end of time. It's not about losing weight; it's about not eating just because the food is there. If I am hungry, I will eat. But I won't overeat, and I won't eat just for the sake of eating. The increase in my exercise routine over the last year has helped me to feel a bit healthier (or at least a bit more conscious of my body and health), and I haven't gained weight...but if I want to tone up a little, I need to stop eating out of boredom. It's not about deprivation, and I love food way too much to diet or limit myself or anything like that. I'd just like to be more conscious of how I eat so that I don't slip into habits like eating 6 cookies in 30 seconds just because a coworker left them near my desk!
  2. Start taking yoga: Will and I decided we want to take one yoga class a week. I've been wanting to for a while, but just not making the time for it. If we commit to doing it together, hopefully we'll stick to it. I'd like to get some strength, flexibility and balance, as well as the calming effects known to come from an hour spent channeling positive energies and such. :)
  3. Spend more time outdoors: Last year, we only went camping twice. Will is disappointed because he only went skiing a few times (he'd ski every day if he could. me, not so much). We both love the outdoors, and I want to take advantage of the wonderful place we live. There are so many hikes and walks and places to visit around here - not to mention the fact that we live a mere 3 hours from both Tahoe and Yosemite. We are already planning a Yosemite trip for next summer (with both of our families; the official meeting of the parents), and are thinking about going to Yosemite this winter as well, and I'd like to make a bigger effort to get out there and do things!

2009 had its high points, but it was also a rough year for my family. Here's hoping 2010 moves forward from the good and away from the bad. Overall, I know that I am very lucky in so many ways - I have a wonderful family and friends and a job and a nice place to live. There are so many people who have it much worse, but that doesn't diminish the struggles we all have. I'm very lucky to have a family who is strong and cooperative and willing to work together to make things better.

Today is low-key - Will is playing hockey (and filling my car with gas and bringing us lunch! yay!) and I'm doing laundry. I also want to go to the grocery store, since we're kind of low on food at the moment (that's what being out of town for essentially 3 weeks will do!). Tonight, we're going to see Avatar (in 3D, whee!). Then, we'll probably find a bar or something to ring in the New Year. Personally, I'd be happy to come home to some champagne and chocolate cake, but maybe that's just me. Some year, I'm going to have a little New Years party of my own, but this year, the apartment is still an explosion of holiday stuff! I'm looking forward to a relaxing weekend of unpacking, straightening up, and just hanging out. After the whirlwind of holiday travel that was December, it'll be nice to take it easy for a few days before heading back to work.


  1. Love the goals because:
    1. Three is a managable number of goals.
    2. Health is important and you obviously are gaining
    health consciousness.
    3. I enjoy being appreciated for a) gift giving (glad we made a good choice), b) surviving 2009 and c) hopefully inspiring your newfound interst in yoga. You will love it!

  2. Hahahaha...I am reading AKW's response after writing my own on her blog! Funny!
    Great goals Kim. I love that you and Will goal plan together!

  3. Thanks Mom and Nance. Happy New Year!

  4. Left off the list: save as much as I can. 2009 was a financially difficult year for me, and my checking account was drained by the holidays. Luckily, I have some savings to fall back on as a buffer should I REALLY need it, but I would rather just continue to add to it than worry about needing to subtract. In the new year, I want to resume transferring money to my savings account at the end of the month. Every month. It's not an official resolution, but a necessary implementation.