Monday, December 7, 2009

The Next Few Weeks

As I've mentioned before, the holidays are kickin' into full gear around here. The next few weeks are just crazygonuts, what with all the holidays and the traveling and the desire I somehow have to do things like make jam and fudge to give as gifts when I don't really have time and have never made them before.

So that I don't go insane, I'm going to list out the next few weeks...mostly for myself, so I've written it somewhere and I can make sure I get things done. And hey, I'm not wasting paper!

Monday after work: make persimmon jam (full post on this later)
Tuesday after work: Nutcracker at San Francisco Ballet
Wednesday after work: dinner with friends who are moving away
Thursday after work: pack!
Friday after work: fly to LA
Friday night-Tuesday night: LA for Chanukkah
Wednesday after work: unpack, maybe dinner with friends and their baby
Thursday after work: pack! make fudge sauce to give to coworkers? maybe?
Friday after work: train to Olympia
Friday night-Sunday the 27th: Olympia/Victoria for Christmas

TA-DA! Wow, it doesn't look like too much now that I've written it that way. I know it is. And again, I don't know why I decided that I should make little coworker gifts. Maybe I won't get to it and that will be ok. Maybe I will just bake pumpkin chocolate chip muffins or cupcakes or something for our little gathering on the Friday before we go to Olympia. We shall see how it all goes.



  1. So here's what I'm thinking.... we make a plan to hit up Olympia at the same time next year. Yes? Maybe do a little hiking around the Olympic Loop?

  2. Sounds like fun to me - we're usually there the week of Christmas. This past summer was my first time going up there outside of Christmastime (went to meet Will when he got back from his PCT hike)'s hard to get up there more than once a year (cost, time, etc). Le sigh.