Saturday, December 5, 2009


I am pooped! My brain isn't quite functioning well enough to write something coherent at the moment, so I'll just post some pictures and tell you what they are, and we'll just call that good enough for tonight, eh?

I took this on Friday, in the parking lot of the place where I go to get the Friday morning bagels for work. It's a higher-end kind of shopping street, with yummy restaurants and shops that are mostly frequented (I believe, anyway) by 30-somethings with disposable know...Papyrus, Crate & Barrel, Anthropologie, Restoration Hardware. Places I wish I could afford. Anyway, the decorations are nice. I like these little multi-colored ball things.

I went to the dentist today, and walked past this tree outside the house next door to his office. I think it's a holly tree? Does that exist? It's pretty anyway, and the people who live there decorated it with jumbo bulbs and giant gold ornaments. It's festive, and I thought it was such a fun idea!

This is my brand-new gift wrap organizer. I love it. You probably don't know what my solution for gift wrap storage was before...let's just say it wasn't pretty. Wrapping paper standing up in a little paper bag in the linen closet (which tipped over constantly), tissue shoved into the bag all crumply-like, ribbons falling all over the place...not so nice. I still have two small plastic bins (one for bows and one for cards/little boxes and bags/gift tags), but I am super stoked about my new way to organize all the rest of this stuff. It was $12.99 at Target, and unlike the plastic bin versions, this one will slide nicely under the couch or bed when holiday wrapping season is over. For now, it's standing upright in the linen closet for easy access.

Ta-da! A blurry picture of the presents under the tree. This is *almost* all of mine (Will hasn't wrapped his yet...he was gone all day watching various sporting events). I am still waiting for a few things to arrive, but this is the main bulk of it. It looks like there are more presents than there are due to the small surface on which they sit (though there are quite a few, I'll admit!) It took me about 3 hours to wrap them while I watched TV this afternoon. This is mostly because I had to unwrap many of them from their boxes before wrapping them in holiday paper. Also because I love to wrap presents, and take time to curl the ribbon and choose a nicely coordinated bow. Hopefully they don't get TOO messed up when I pack them to go to LA/Olympia.

So that was my day. I went to the dentist and wrapped a bunch of presents. I also baked a loaf of apple spice bread (Trader Joes) and am in the middle of laundry. I am pooped.


  1. I wanna see some more Hannukkah decor!!!

  2. After I get it from mom next weekend, you will! :)

  3. I'm ashamed to admit that I was intrigued by your title because I thought the post was about, um, poop BUT I'm excited about that gift wrap organizer since mine was pretty much like your old one! Where does one find such things?

  4. Target, dude. Target. $12.99. Can't find it online right now, but it was in the aisle with the plastic tubs (specifically, the aisle with the Christmas storage tubs, you know, all the red and green bins, wreath containers etc. because gift wrap is apparently for Christmas and Christmas alone).

  5. Also, Junket, you should meet my friend Frosty.

  6. gift wrap continues to stand in a trashbag lined Winnie-the-Pooh hamper that was Casey's - from birth!!! Even though it is messy and the rolls tip over, I will not give it up. It is just so cute, even at 29 years old!

  7. KIM! You're killing me with all this Christmas! Way to make a goy feel inadequate. Thanks.

    But in all seriousness, I love it. You're making me all giddy and excited. I put a few Christmas things out last night but I still have loads of gifts to take care of and ALL of my wrapping to do... I think you've inspired me to write a post about this years Christmas experience....

    Merry merry!

  8. Haha. I can't wait to see the post!

    And you just week there will be a post updating with the Chanukkah decorations I'm going to get this weekend :)