Tuesday, March 23, 2010

How-To Grocery Bag From Reed

In case you wanted to know how to make that awesome grocery bag that Reed made me, she was kind enough to write out some instructions and share her favorite links for me to share with you.  Right here.  On this blog.  In this post!  It's technically crochet, not knit, but I'm putting it in the category with the knit stuff, cause well, it's all the same type of thing, isn't it?

So here ya go - instructions and tips from Awesome Reed!

First of all, here are nice links to:
I also recommend crochetpatterncentral.com for more info on crochet.

As for the pattern, here are the steps I use to make a bag. There are also patterns available on crochetpatterncentral.com if anyone needs more pictures.
  • To start, chain 32 stitches (this forms your foundation row). 
  • Double crochet (DC) in 3rd chain stitch from hook. Continue in DC for entire foundation chain, then turn work & DC down other side of foundation chain (you should have 60 DC) 
  • Join round by DC in 1st DC stitch of first round. Continue working DC around continuously until bag is 1 inch shorter than desired depth. Work 1 row half double crochet (HDC), then 1 round single crochet (SC). 
  • Flatten bag & locate side edges of bag. Make sure your SC row ends at the side of the bag. 
  • Work 12 SC, chain 50, skip next 16 SC of previous row, SC 24, chain 50, skip next 16 SC of previous row, SC 12. Work SC around top of bag & handles. Bind off (BO) 
  • Join yarn in “skip next 16” SC stitches (inside edge of handles). Work SC around once, BO. Repeat on inside edge of other handle. 
  • Weave in ends, and you are done!
Seems easy enough if you know how to crochet.  I'm not very good at learning from pictures (I learn by doing, and usually need someone to show me/do it with me to really get a feel for it), and I don't know how to crochet...I think Reed needs to come out for another visit so she can teach me in person :)  The actual making of the "yarn" looks like fun though...tedious, but therapeutic maybe?


  1. FREAKING AWESOME. I know what my entire family is getting for christmas next year. W0oT!

  2. making the yarn is oddly therapeutic... but it is time consuming, and you need a lot of bags to make one bag! I highly recommend getting a friend/boyfriend/family members to help if you plan on making many of these bags.


  3. Thanks for the tip, Reed! :)