Thursday, March 11, 2010

Kitchen Cure: Assignment 1 (part 2)

Tonight, in an effort to rid myself of the negative energy I felt after the Vistaprint debacle, I Kitchen Cured my freezer.  This was part of Assignment 1, technically, so it should have been done last week, but I say that doesn't matter as long as it gets done, right?  Right. 

I got rid of:
  • arrow-shapes ice tray (it was empty)
  • popcicle maker (was 1/2 empty)
  • tuna steak, ginger, asparagus, container of soup (all freezer-burnt)
  • a chocolate covered banana that had somehow exploded in its wrapper (that was all alone in a box anyway)
I found 5 frozen bananas (I thought there were like, 2) I guess I'm making banana bread this weekend.  I'm glad that I know what's in there now, and that it's all edible!  :-)

Here are some pictures for your viewing pleasure, since I know that's what y'all want anyway.

 freezer before: things are very disorganized

freezer after (much more organized)

 inside the freezer before: so disorganized. ice cream with jambalaya? what?

freezer after: still a lot of stuff, but much easier to access

So week 1 = done.  Gotta clean out those utensil drawers (assignment 2) next!


  1. Rumor has it that it is best to keep the freezer pretty efficiency and all! I love your new silverware page!

  2. Thanks, Nance. I've heard that too :)