Thursday, March 18, 2010

Kitchen Cure Update

It's already check-in time for Assignment #3, Assignment #4 is coming tomorrow, and I'll be honest...I'm not even done with Assignment #2.  I did do one utensil/tool drawer, but there's still one to go.  There doesn't seem to be an assignment listed that involves cleaning out my tupperware and pots and pans and such, so I'm gonna lump that in with Assignment #2 and say I just haven't gotten that far yet.

I did take pictures of utensil/tool drawer that I cleaned though...does that count for something?  I'll post them eventually, I swear. The kitchen is currently a big ole mess...the stove needs scrubbing, the counters need cleaning, there are cupboards to purge and floors to mop. We have far more than we need in there; we both agree that we should start minimizing and living a little more simply (aka not having three pizza cutters - who needs three pizza cutters?!?).

This Kitchen Cure is certainly going to take more than the allotted 4 weeks, especially since I'm going out of town next weekend for an early Passover.  But I will carry on.  I will!  Maybe. Totally.  Can I take a day off work to clean?  Strike that: there's still loud construction going on by the apartment, and I would have a major headache listening to it all day (hello, 7am jackhammers! Supposedly construction starts at 8, but I swear they were there earlier than that).

With the lighter evenings though, perhaps I can trudge onward towards a cleaner kitchen...and one with less unnecessary stuff in it.  Tonight: he will wash more dishes while I clean the stove and counters.  Probably.

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