Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spring Cleaning!

Without realizing it, we undertook a bit of spring cleaning today, on this lovely first day of spring.  We spent the morning and early afternoon walking around the neighborhood, looking at some apartments, and having brunch with a friend, then came home to watch our NCAA Brackets die (damn you, Kansas!) and deep clean the bathroom.  There is still much to do (hello, layer of oil on the stove from the fish we fried the other night! Howzitgoin, second load of dishes?), but it feels good.

We scrubbed the bathroom from top to bottom (ok, we didn't do the ceiling), everything from the shower grout to the window to the toilet.  Deep cleaning the bathroom is one of my least favorite things to do (second only to cleaning the kitchen floor, I think), but it's much more enjoyable as a team.  Even though the bathroom is teensy tiny, we got cozy and that bathroom is sparkling.  Dudes, we even took apart the shower caddy and cleaned each of the shelves.  Oh yeah, clean bathroom.

Because I was on a roll, I also Kitchen Cured the silverware drawer and found four things to get rid of (and a lot of things to store with camping gear instead of in the drawer).  I even cleaned out the cheese/meat drawer, which had a weird sticky spill in it.  It's all reorganized now, too, which makes me happy. I could barely close the drawer before - somehow, after a little rearranging, everything fits very nicely.

So happy first day of spring, everyone.  I hope your days are lovely (even you Chicagoans who got snow for spring), and your weekends are productive and relaxing.


  1. Your post on Spring Cleaning is on the first Google search page for "spring cleaning" - isn't that insane? :D

  2. Whaa? It's not when I do a search, but @aseriousgirl's Spring Cleaning post is!  Weird.

  3. That @-mention didn't work. @aseriousgirl:twitter  - There we go.

  4. Maybe Google customizes based on where it knows I've visited. I really did
    get yours!

  5. Yeah, I think Googs does tend to customize your search results a little bit
    based on your preferences. Highly controversial, as you can imagine.