Thursday, April 1, 2010

Also Called "National Fun Day"

I don't have any sort of elaborate April Fools' Post planned...I'm not usually one for the "OMG WE ARE ENGAGED JUST KIDDING APRIL FOOLS" type of posts (hello, Facebook? Did you send out a memo telling everyone to post fake engagement announcements this year? sigh), and I am generally gullible when it comes to April Fools' Day anyway.  Around 6:30am this morning, Will woke up suddenly, saying "Oh Crap! Oh Crap!"  I thought he was talking in his sleep, and mumbled, "agwugwethr what's wrong? asfoasfijasf" (or something like that).  "OH CRAP IT'S 9:45!!"   "What?!"   "Ha, ha. April Fools."    "argh. I'm going back to bed."

I do, however, love (love love) when companies get in on the fun.  Google (erm, Topeka) is usually the winner (for complexity, follow through, and commitment!), but this year, Whole Foods had some great stuff up too.  So did Southwest.

Anyway, because I love Google and all its awesomeness, here's a look at some of my favorite Google April Fools' Hoaxes, past and present.


  1. I noticed a bunch of websites that said they were "down" when I logged on to them. Then one of them had giggles and slow, stifled laughter only to reveal a joke. I was also worried my bosses were going to say "April Fools" for the raise and promotion I got earlier in the week. Ha!

  2. Ha! Well, I'm glad it wasn't an April Fools' joke :)