Sunday, April 4, 2010

Pretty Tile and Another Dreamy Kitchen

I don't normally like things that are uneven, asymmetrical, or otherwise "jaggedy," but I do love the way this shower tile looks.   I think that grout would be a pain in the butt to keep clean though...I'm so torn!  It looks so nice!  Maybe it could be sealed with some sort of lacquer or something so it could be cleaned more easily or something.  Anyway, it's pretty.  via Apartment Therapy

This kitchen is so bright and cheery!  I love the turquoise island, of course, but I also love the brightly colored colander, vases, etc...and the cabinets, and that cake stand on the counter.  via Apartment Therapy


  1. Love these. Oh so much! Thanks for making me drool. ;)

  2. LOVE both. Now I want to re-tile my shower and paint my kitchen. Thanks for the inspiration! I'm actually hunting for photos of paint ideas for my (brown) kitchen table. Want something funky and bright -- maybe different colors for the table and chairs. Have any kitchen table shots that you love? Do share!