Thursday, May 13, 2010

Kitchen Cure? What's That?

You may remember that I was participating in that Kitchen Cure thing.  My last update was, oh, about two months ago.  Eep.  Rest assured, I have been keeping it going.  I haven't taken before and after pictures of everything, but I cleaned out the utensil drawer, and the baking-things cabinet that used to be simply overflowing.  We could certainly still use more space, but things fit just fine, and I feel better not having crazy duplicates (though sane duplicates are totally acceptable).  ;-)   Here are a few photos from the utensil drawer cleanse, just to give you a little idea.

The utensil drawer, before.  Disorganized, and not very pleasant.

I took everything out and lined it all up.  Kind of ridiculous how many duplicate items we had.  Did we really need THREE pasta spoons?  THREE slotted spoons?  Sigh.  We designated some of the cheap blue ones as "camping utensils" and put them with the camping supplies, but we got rid of several things as well.

The drawer, after.  Much tidier.  And because I know you'll ask, yes, we DO use the duplicate items we still have.  Sometimes you just need two spatulas at once.  Or you need to use  two 1/2 cup measuring cups at the same time.  Ok, we could probably get away with less, but we have room, and it works well for us for now.  Hoard hoard hoard!

Anyway,  The Cure has officially been over for months now, and I can't say that I passed with flying colors or anything, but I think I did a pretty good job.  It definitely got me thinking about my kitchen, and whether I need everything in it, and I do try to keep it clean and tidy and all that.  Just don't look now; it's kind of a disaster zone.  :)

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