Friday, May 14, 2010

Ups and Downs

As you might know, I am sick.  I admit, I am kind of a baby when I'm sick, but I really do feel like crap.  It started late Tuesday night, with a little tickle in my throat, and by Wednesday morning, it was a full-blown, hurts-to-even-think-about-swallowing sore throat.  By Thursday, we added in a stuffy head and runny nose.  I stayed home from work both days.  Last night, I hardly slept, and this morning, my head felt like it was detached from my body, but my throat was still totally in pain.  I went to work for a few hours this morning, but came home around noon and have been tearing through the tissue box steadily since then. Blowing my nose like it's my job.  You know the drill.  Chicken soup, Emergen-C, Advil Cold and Sinus.  These are my couch companions. And Ellen.  Oh Ellen, in 10 minutes you will entertain me for a solid hour, and for that, I am grateful.

I know I am rambling on and on, but I'm sick, so I can be forgiven for a little ramble here and there.  This is the week of crazyawesome, and while it has come to a screeching halt, I am focusing on getting healthy.  But wait, Kim!  Aren't you supposed to fly down to Los Angeles tonight for a wild bachelorette party weekend with one of your oldest and dearest friends?

Yes.  I was supposed to do that.  And until about 10 minutes ago, I was still considering it.  But after conversations with my mom, my doctor, my boyfriend, a "rational advice" friend, and the bachelorette herself, I've decided that I am too sick to fly and too sick to party.  This was not an easy decision to make.  I've known this lady for 14 years, and I really wanted to be at her bachelorette celebration.  I felt like a bad friend and a wimpy sicko for thinking I wasn't going to be up for partying.  I thought it was just me being weak.  But I realized that I sound (to quote the doctor, mom, and bachelorette) "like shit"  (see also: "horrible," "sick," and "awful"), and I feel that way too.  It probably would not have been good for anyone to have me around, covered in dirty tissues, bringing down the energy of the weekend.  Also, I've heard that alcohol and pseudoephedrine are not a good combination.   So, with a heavy heart, I canceled my flights.

What's that you say? Every cloud has a silver lining?  Why yes, it does.  Colette's bridal shower is next weekend, and I wasn't going to be able to attend because I couldn't fly down to LA two weeks in a row.  Thanks to Southwest Airlines being awesome, I was able to change my flights for a grand total of $14, and now I will be attending the bridal shower.  I feel better about missing the bachelorette weekend knowing I can still partake in the bridal shower festivities next week.  I hate being a last-minute cancellation; I know how frustrating it is to plan a party or event and have people back out at the last minute.  But sick is sick, and as Colette said (in knowingly-cheesy fashion), "if you don't have your health, you don't have anything."  So now I will take the weekend to get better and rest up and all that, and will emerge from this week of madness a healthy Kim.  Yay.

What an awful blog post - so "me me me" and "wah wah I'm sick wah wah".  Sorry.  It's my blog.  Sometimes I rant and rave about personal issues.  It happens.  I'm going to go feed my cold with more soup and maybe some chocolate birthday cake.

I'll put together a post of beautiful kitchens to post tomorrow to make things pretty again.


  1. Aw, Kim. I'm sorry you're missing the party, but it sounds like you have some wise, understanding and loving friends, and really? You don't want to be the sick person on the plane that all the other people are cursing two days later when they get sick. Bad karma. You made the right choice. And bridal shower! That's even more fun, I think, than a bachelorette party!

  2. Yeah, any feelings of "I'll probably wake up on Saturday and feel fine and then feel like an idiot for not going" are completely gone. I still feel like arse. Wah wah wah.

  3. Am I the "rational advice" friend? Because I'm not very rational.