Friday, July 30, 2010

Almost there...

We have less than 24 hours now until the big move...a mere17.5 hours, to be precise. There are still things to be packed, but we are seriously almost done now.  We are living in Cardboard Castle, and I'll be sure to take pictures tonight or tomorrow morning before the movers show up...boxes piled high atop every possible surface, in piles on the floor, on shelves in closets - we're surrounded.  Last night, as my dear friend Emika and I tried to find places for each box we packed, I just turned around in circles laughing.  Because guys, it's kind of hilarious. We have so much more stuff than we thought (and yes, most of it is technically "mine" and yes, this is always what happens, and yes, we donated a few big bags to Goodwill), and I have been severely underestimating our need for boxes.  Every day, I bring a load home from work (thank goodness for working in a big building with lots of tenants who have many boxes to recycle) and say, "Ok! I think we're good on boxes now!" only to find that by the end of the night, we're all out.  We have about 5 boxes left, but I'm going to grab another stash from work today just in case.  I can't believe tonight will be our last night in this apartment - even though the place is clearly in transition, it hardly feels real.  But real it is, and the trucks will arrive at 8:00am tomorrow morning whether we believe it or not!

Not our kitchen, but it's very pretty.
The floor reminds me of a carpet, and I'd like it to
be lighter, and the overhang of the sink is kind
of odd, but hey, it's not my house.

And it's pretty.
via The Kitchn.

See y'all on the other side!  :)


  1. wish I had a kitchen like that. I have a galley-like walk through kitchen and I feel like I am working in a busy street when I am cooking. O.o

  2. I hear ya! Our new kitchen is still sort of a galley-walk-through, but at least it's open to the rest of the living/dining area. Our old one was basically a long closet, though it did get good sunlight.