Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Moving? What?

I've gotten a few concerned emails from you wonderful people, asking how the move went and if we survived, hoping everything is ok.  Really, you shouldn't be concerned when I miss 4 days of posting updates.  You should know me better by now!  :-)  I really do appreciate it though, because BOY HAVE I WANTED TO FILL YOU IN!  If you haven't been following me on Twitter (which you should), then you missed a few updates (with pictures!).

Such fun things as:

So you see, it was a busy day.  And a busy weekend.  And yesterday, when I was getting all, "Woe is me, we have so much to unpack, how have we lived here for so long surrounded by boxes?!" I was reminded that it was only Tuesday.  And we had, in fact, moved in a mere three days prior.  Hello time, it seems we need to be reintroduced.

We made a fantastic dent in the unpacking on Monday night, and as of last night (still only Tuesday night) we had almost unpacked the entire kitchen.  The bedroom is unpacked; though we still have to install some lights, it is fully functional.  On Monday, I wore Crocs to work (cute ones though) because they were the only shoes I could find, aside from the EasyTone tennies I had been wearing for the last 48 hours.  Note for anyone planning to move: pack yourself a duffel bag with outfits and shoes for the first two days or so after the move. It will make your life less stressful.

Anyway, it's been exhausting.  We had an absolutely terrible experience with our movers. We have way more stuff than we thought we did.  But we love the place, and it feels great to be getting settled.  

Hopefully I'll find the camera-to-computer cord soon...I have moving day pictures (pre-Cardboard Castle, so it's nice and clean and empty), and by the end of the weekend, I should have some settling-in-progress pictures too.  :-)


  1. Cute crocs... I don't know about that. I actually like the pic you linked to, but wow, they're crocs!!!! C'mon Kim! LOL :)

  2. They are awesome for the beach, or for times when your feet might wet (crossing a stream, perhaps?) - Also, they are cute. And easy to clean.

    I needed something practical like Crocs, and didn't want to get the ugly ones. Compromise!

    Seriously though, I love them.

  3. The "still packing" picture makes me laugh. Sorry :)

    Looking forward to the settling in pics!

  4. Yeah, I do not recommend the "oh, we'll have time to pack some last minute stuff when the movers are here" strategy. Yes, we had time. Yes, it gave us something to do other than just standing there watching them. But it totally stressed me out - the night before, during, all of it. I would have been more relaxed if everything was completely ready to go when they arrived...even if it would have been more awkward (dude, standing around while other people move your crap is awkward!).