Saturday, July 24, 2010

Don't forget! Contest ends tomorrow!

You have just over 24 hours left to enter the $30 CSN Stores Giveaway!  As a reminder, CSN Stores sell just about everything...from kids' toys to cookware to furniture, you will totally find a way to use that $30, I promise.

I'm getting a $30 code myself (in exchange for writing a product review - in the interest of full disclosure), and I'm getting two freaking skillets.  8" and 10", non-stick, oven-safe.  We totally need them, and I'm stoked to be getting them for free.  Thank you, CSN!

What will you buy if you win?  Enter here.  By 11:59pm PST, TOMORROW (Sunday 7/25/10)!  :-)

I wanted to add a super cute photo, but Blogger is freaking out and won't let me.  So...sorry.  Enter the contest!

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