Sunday, July 25, 2010


Last weekend, I made a promise to myself: Pack one box per weeknight, minimum. I've been doing really well.  In fact, as of bedtime Thursday night, I had packed 7.  Will hadn't really done much; he's more of the "get a lot done at once" type.  That's fine; most of what I packed last week wasn't his anyway (yeah yeah, we live together, it's all "ours" blah blah blah).  The plan is to pack as much as humanly possible this weekend, since oh yeah, we move in a week.  That's right, one week from today, we will be in our new place.  Wowza.

This weekend so far...oh boy.  We took a night off from packing last night to go to our favorite place, where the owner just so happened to be debuting a new menu.  We had flatbread complete with carmelized onions, herbed goat cheese, garlic, and a balsamic demiglaze.  We had the most awesome chicken wings ever.  We had succulent lambchops with garlic mashed potatoes and a balsamic reduction.  And then, for dessert, "chocolate cake" (chocolate stout with a shot of raspberry framboise).  It was a welcome break, to be sure.

Today, we dove right into the packing...after we slept in and had a late brunch.  But we packed almost all of the living room, and I'd say we made excellent progress.  Tomorrow we'll pack the majority of the kitchen, the kitchen island, and probably some bedroom stuff as well.  Then starting Monday, it's back to "one box a night" or so until we finish!  Hopefully we'll get so much done tomorrow that there won't be much more to do during the week!

Because I loved A Serious Girl's mid-packing update photos, here are a few photos I took today to give you the full visuals.  One week to go!

I am afraid of this closet.  It still looks like this.
Luckily, most of it will be taken out in wardrobe boxes.

We have a lot of books.  This isn't even all of them.

Piles of boxes, everywhere.

It's a disaster zone.  Yikes.

The neatest, most orderly pile. It makes me feel good, even if we are being surrounded by boxes.

PS - If you can guess what's on TV, you win bonus points*

*note: bonus points are of no actual cash value


  1. Holy guacamole Batman I am in love with your dining room chairs! I did a full on OMG when I saw them :)

    Whatevers on the TV is scaring me a little.

  2. The dining room set was my grandmother's - it's a full set... the table has leaves, and I think it can seat like 10-12 people when it's all set up. Seats 6 perfectly when it's just a regular circle, and the sides fold down too. And there's a matching hutch. I love it so very much. She bought it after she graduated from UCLA and got married, back in like, the late 40's.

  3. And as for the TV...Hint: we were watching The Food Network.

  4. Good work Woman!

    On the TV: Something About Food.

  5. Haha - good guess! I just realized I was totally wrong; it was the TRAVEL channel. It was Man v. Food, which is totally not on Food Network, duh. He was eating some giant sausage or something. As usual. :)