Thursday, August 5, 2010

Two Kitchens That Are Not Mine (also: Way too many parentheticals)

Obviously, they can't both be mine. I can't have two kitchens (or can I...).  But actually, neither of these are mine.  They are just pretty, and I thought I would share them (as I am wont to do).  ("wont to do" is one of my favorite phrases in the world, by the way)  (parenthetical!)

Even as we (slowly but surely) (what is with the parentheses, Kim? jeez!) get settled (last night, I unpacked the linen closet, which was thrilling to me, but probably boring to most. let me know if you really want to see pics and I'll post them), I find myself daydreaming of other people's kitchens.  I do that a lot (see Tiny Kitchen Roundup, circa March 2010), and if you hate looking at other people's kitchens, well, then I just don't understand you, and maybe this is not the blog for you. Or you can just ignore all of the posts labeled "HouseLust".  But I digress.  (PS - that's two sentences starting with "But".  And this is parenthetical number 10.  Eesh)

Since I haven't gotten around to uploading and posting (or even taking, since the weekend) photos from The Great Unpacking, I'll just keep sharing pretty kitchens and such from other people's lives.  Because sometimes, when we're living in Cardboard Castle, even if we are pleased as punch about our new home, we just need a little break.  (and yes, that's the royal "we" - y'all know I'm talking about myself here)

In case this week has been getting you down, or you too are just crazy tired and wishing it was Friday, here are a few beautiful distractions (or inspirations, if that's your thing. I prefer to be distracted).  Oh, and apparently today is International Beer Day.  Guess where I'll be after work?  Hint: here.  (ok, that wasn't so much a hint as it was an answer. so sue me. no wait, don't. I can't afford it.)

I am extremely charmed by the fake window over the sink.
Check out the before pictures (via TheKitchn)
and you will be even more impressed.
I love the floors, the cabinets, the sink, the decor...sigh
Isn't this just yummy?
(via TheKitchn)
This is now the third time I've used this phrase today, but
"I want to go to there"
(via the same post on "window treatments" at TheKitchn)

PS - Starting today (and for the next month) I am advertising on The Soap Bar.  You may know of my love of Product Body, and this website is the soapy goodness (aka "soap porn") roundup of sorts from its owner.  If you found this blog from that ad, let me know!

PPS - The ad was made by my lovely friend Cheshire, who turned my "oh my god this is the worst ad I've ever seen I did not know I lacked so much artistic talent even using Photoshop I am embarrassed to even be sending you this" sample ad into the thing of beauty you see in Joanna's sidebar.  In fact, I like it so much I am now looking for other places to put it.  Unfortunately, I can't justify spending any more money on advertising right now.  Any bloggers out there want to do an ad-posting trade?  I'll show you mine if you show me yours?

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