Saturday, December 18, 2010

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year...for making lists

Ok, folks.  You know what's coming.  I still have 5 blog posts in the pipeline, more photos to upload than I care to count, and an amount of things to do that make me start to get that my-chest-is-a-little-tight feeling.  So, it's time for the blog post listing the things I need to so that I feel like I have a little control over the situation.  Heeeere we go!

  • shop for 1.5 presents
  • wrap 2.5 presents
  • laundry: 2 loads
  • play with friends' baby and decorate gingerbread cookies
  • pack for Washington
  • find someone to drive me to the airport at 9am on Wednesday?
  • write 20SB blog exchange post (by the 20th! aah!)
  • write pipelined blog posts (you know what you are - maybe from the plane)
  • put away bedding from a sleepover a week ago
  • put away dishes, clean up kitchen
  • figure out what to do with a quart of 2% milk (won't have time to use it before I leave)
Now it's time to eat some pudding!

1 comment:

  1. Kim you are too funny! I love how you added "play with friends' baby " to your list. We should all remember the truly important things on our 'To Do' lists! And BTW, share the milk with a neighbor or a shelter! Enjoy your trip. We missed you at Hanukkah!