Tuesday, December 21, 2010

To Do: Procrastinate

Why is it that even when I make a lovely little to do list, I still put things off until the last minute? This weekend, I wrote my to do list up on the blog...in order to guilt myself into doing things quickly, I suppose.  Here's what's left, with commentary!

  • pack for Washington - I tried to start this tonight, I really did.  I packed the suitcase of gifts (the largest suitcase we own, which is now almost entirely filled with presents) and even had to wrap a few (which meant organizing my new ribbon container - yes).  I started to get my clothes out to pack, but first I had to fold and put away the two loads of laundry I did last night.  And then I was tired.  And indecisive, because it was already after 11pm.  So, as always, I will be packing the night before I leave (and not getting home until around 10:30 or so because I'm going to the theatre tomorrow night).
  • write 20SB blog exchange post (by the 20th! aah!) - Fortunately (or unfortunately), my blog exchange partner is also running behind schedule.  We decided to do our exchange tomorrow instead of today.  Have I finished (or started) it yet?  What do you think?  I think I know what I'm doing tomorrow morning...at least I know what I'm writing about.
  • write pipelined blog posts (you know what you are - maybe from the plane) - yeah, this will likely be done from the plane. I'm guessing my flight won't have wifi, but maybe I can upload my pictures, select the ones I want, and write posts up in Word to be copy-pasted at a later time. Or I'll fall asleep on the plane. Ideally, I'd like to write them all and schedule them to post every few days while I'm out of town.  Wouldn't it be funny if my most regular posting happened while I was out of town?  Har de har har hilarious.  But seriously, there are at least 5 in the pipeline.  (and PS how cool is scheduling posts? For example, I am writing this at 11:54pm, but it will be posted tomorrow morning, so y'all don't think I'm a loon staying up late writing about how I'm procrastinating. Oh wait, blew my cover.  Oh well. I love scheduling posts, and I do it often.  When I actually write posts, that is.  And we've come full circle.  Sort of.)
  • put away bedding from a sleepover a week ago - I put away the sheets and pillow, and forgot that the comforter was sitting next to me on the couch.  Oh, hi comforter. How are you?  I'll bring it into the bedroom with me when I get up.  I promise.  

On the upside, I bought a remote control for the Christmas tree lights, so now I don't have to crawl around behind the tree to turn the lights on and off!  Win!

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