Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Corralling the Cords

Recently, I won the Most Awesome Girlfriend Award when I surprised Will by having our TV mounted on the wall above the fireplace while he was out of town.  I'd like to thank a little piece of rad internet called TaskRabbit.  You should check it out - and if you do, use my discount code (PAL40580) to get $10 off your first task! 

I was, in fact,  happy to be done with it. Our TV is now hung gloriously above the fireplace, rather than sitting on a table in front of the fireplace, and we can now watch TV with a roaring fire.  Of course, we haven't made a fire yet.  But we will.

Now, of course, there is the issue of the cords.  As you can see in the picture below, they are a bit of an eyesore.

a tangled mess of cords
also this.

Anyone out there have tips for wrangling this mess?  I'm going to get a small container or basket to go under the table, to hold the video games and controllers and any extra cables we may have. That will solve the problem of the messy piles. In front of the table, you'll notice the VCR/DVD player and the Tivo - both of which will be moved (Tivo will eventually be sold, VCR/DVD player will be moved to another location since we don't use it often). 

But there's the issue of the drapey mess hanging from the TV.  I could just kind of gather the cords together and secure them with nails, so at least they're in a straight line and not a jumble? They'd still look kinda funky, but at least it would be neater?  

Any ideas?

PS I made a fire.
PPS weird commercial.


  1. Hmm, good question! Have you considered a very long extension cord that you can hide behind the tv and plug all those other thing to? They also make those cord organizing tubes that you can run everything through...

  2. There isn't a place to hide anything behind the TV - it's flat up against
    the wall. Besides, the cords would still be running (ie: from the cable
    box/xbox up to the TV) along the wall. I should check out the cord
    organizing tubes...I think that's what I was picturing in my head, something
    like this:
    I think?

  3. I think that's what I was thinking of too! :) Probably your best bet now. I like my television a little lower, so I haven't had that problem, but oh my goodness, our computer areas are always a mess.

  4. I'm buying the one I linked to...we'll see how it works! Amazon has a good
    return policy if it doesn't...


    this is the one we bought - it works great!

  6. Ha! I almost bought that one! Good to know it works great in case the one I
    bought doesn't work out.

  7. Let me know what you figure out, we have this horrible problem with cords from lamps hanging down from the mantle and my rational brain keeps envisioning our child pulling the lamps on top of him/herself.

  8. Yeah, I can see that. I've heard that babies like to pull on wires and
    cords. I bought something that I hope will work, but I haven't tried
    to set it up yet. Maybe tonight...

  9. You can also install a cabinet to contain the TV. It can also hide the wire as well.

  10. At least it's now well organized. Come up with decor as well to match it.