Friday, April 8, 2011

Just your average Friday

So, I have a crapload of things to blog about (seriously, I need to take a day off work and just sit and blog.  What's that you say? It's called a weekend?  Yeah, well, too bad I am always too lazy busy).  I have blank walls to brainstorm about and gooey cheesy pictures to show you, and yes, the inevitable gardening mishaps. But hey, guess what? Will and I are going to Sonoma this weekend for a little getaway, just the two of us.  We're hoping to kayak in Bodega Bay, and we're getting massages tomorrow night...ahh, to relax. Such a joy. Unfortunately for you (oh I know, I see the tears a-comin'), that means I probably won't blog this weekend, unless I am feeling not lazy inspired on Sunday when we get back.

But oh well.  Because look! I'm blogging now!  Even if it's not what I meant to blog about.  This Friday at work has just had some silly moments, and I've been enjoying myself, and I want to share. Because despite some truly crazypants things that are going on in the world, and in our lives, sometimes you solve a crossword puzzle with your boyfriend, and sometimes things happen that make you laugh, and well, I think those are the things worth sharing.  See how I snuck that whole crossword puzzle thing in there? Yeah, super cool.

Exhibit A:

Yes, I felt the need to include this in our weekly company newsletter.
You may need to click to enlarge to read it.

Exhibit B:

I finally found out why some of the leaves of the plant by my desk look like they were attacked by a five year old with dull scissors.  See: helicopter blades.  See also: inability to control a landing.  Sadly, my iPhone lacks the ability to capture this on video.

I love my job.

PS - We're hiring.  You should work here too.  It's great.  Trust me.


  1. If only I lived in NoCal, I would TOTES apply.

  2. Can you encourage your employer to open a London office? Then encourage her/him to hire me? I have a MA so you know I can water plants And answer phones. (If your switchboard has cordless phones, I could even do both AT THE SAME TIME.)

    BTW, your office tazer sounds pretty dangerous.

  3. Oh and also BTW, the awesome-est vineyard in Sonoma has to be Saddleback Cellars. It's delightfully casual, their wine selection is delicious, and they're really knowledgeable and friendly.

  4. HA - If only! Switchboard? We only have two phones in our entire office
    right now one for the customer service folks and one in the conference room.

  5. Thanks for the rec - I'll have to remember that next time...