Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Review: popchips!

Way back when, I wrote about how I went to this crazy little event for food bloggers where companies hooked me up with all sorts of crazy food.  Here's one of those posts where I tell you about one of the delicious items I tried!

My name is Kim and I love popchips. In all fairness, I knew I loved them before they offered to send me some.  I've been loving on these chips for years...but never one to turn down free snacks, and with the popchips people fully aware that I was already a fan, I accepted.  Note: while they did send these to me for free, they did not make me promise to write a good review (or any review, at that). These opinions are all mine, baby!

Oh Popchips, you are so delicious!

Now, I've eaten popchips all over the place.  I can't even remember when I first fell for the potato-y, crunchy, totally-not-even-bad-for-you-well-not-as-bad-as-regular-chips-anyway delights.  All I know is that they are delicious.  My favorite flavors are the Sea Salt & Vinegar and Salt & Pepper, but seriously? They're all good.

My only recommendation: do not go up to Tahoe bringing simply a large bag of popchips, assuming that the people you're meeting up there will bring real food, or that you won't get too lazy to cook real meals (which, honestly, is weird for us - usually we're eating like kings when we go to Tahoe).  Because once you decide that you have enough food, even if that food is just one big bag containing many smaller bags of popchips, you will probably just eat the popchips all weekend.  And while they are good, this is not a recommended activity.

Printed on the side of the box. Tee hee.

Yes, fine, ok, I recommend popchips much more as a snack than as a full meal for breakfast, lunch and dinner (though I will say that several flavors work very well alongside cheese for a "cheese and chips" meal snack).  Even the box labels itself as a box full of snacks.  Silly me, trying to get by on popchips alone.  They are super good though (we even have them in the office!), especially when you want a chip-like snack without all the fried, greasy, guilt-trippy stuff that's bad for you.  Get out there and get some, because they are delicious. 

And for the love of blogging, stay tuned this week, because I'm hoping to post a couple of fun and exciting things (including another giveaway! omg!) over the next few days!


  1. Mmmmmm Popchips! Popchips sponsored the very last film I did and so we ate them on set constantly.

    Guess what?

    Your two fave flavors are MY two fave flavors! We're popchips twins!

  2. MMMMM! Just thinking about sea salt and vinegar makes my mouth water...

  3. My work has popchips and I LOVE them. However. I've never even seen some of the varieties in your picture! Yum!

  4. I bet you could request that your work switch it up...what kind do you have?